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What Is FlowBoarding

The FlowRider, and its budding sport of FlowBoarding, is  often linked to surfing. Although this is an easy mistake to make, FlowBoarding on a FlowRider is a truly unique experience that reflects all sorts of board sports, making for an easier learning curve but also leaving room for some truly impressive tricks.

In a nutshell (or in our case, a big glass enclosure), the FlowRider generates a thin sheet of water that flows over a stationary wave form. That’s a very technical way of saying we have a year-round, surfable wave inside our store… That’s right, our wave is indoors!

Riders have the option of skimming the wave on a bodyboard, or testing their skills on a Stand-Up or FlowBoard. Both styles are easy to pick up, and come with a long list of tricks to learn.


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