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Improving your Flow: FlowRider as a Tool to Practice and Other Benefits from It

Flowboarding requires a lot of skill and precision which means that practice and improvement is a must if you want to be competitive. Thankfully, there are a lot of things that can help you improve your skills but the best one must be the FlowRider. The FlowRider is a wave forming machine designed to artificially […]

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Learning Surfer Lingo

Having a rich historical background, surfing has developed its own rich culture. Its continuous cultural shaping and innovations have led to the development of surfing’s own language. Some terms that are commonly used by surfing enthusiasts include the following:

a-frame – an exceptional barreling surf showing an “a” shape
aggro – an undesirably strong attitude

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Looking Back at the History of Surfing

The origins of surfing dates back to more than 3,000 years ago. Fishermen rode their “caballitos de totora” in bringing their catch ashore. Riding waves eventually became a pastime.

In migrating to Hawaii, Tahitians brought and shared their knowledge of surfing. Though Tahitians were said to stand on their boards occassionally, the upright surfing position was […]

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Learn More About FlowBoarding

Through the artificial waves created by the FlowRider, anyone can now experience the joy of riding waves indoors. The FlowRider is one of the mainstream sheet wave generators in the world. It produces endless waves that pumps volumes of water within an indoor surface. Through the FlowRider, FlowBoarding was born and has recently developed to […]

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