What is the FlowRider

Through the artificial waves created by the FlowRider, anyone can now experience the joy of riding waves indoors. The FlowRider is one of the mainstream sheet wave generators in the world. It produces endless waves that pumps volumes of water within an indoor surface. Through the FlowRider, FlowBoarding was born and has recently developed to allow anyone of all ages to experience competitively.

The sport of FlowBoarding is linked to various board sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, and bodyboarding, to name a few. Flowboarding is compared to these sports quite frequently because many of the tricks involved are directly inspired by athletes of various board sports.

There are two styles in FlowBoarding that depend on the board you use. Beginners usually begin with the body board, which they ride flat on their stomachs as standing up on the board typically requires prior experience and physical fitness requirements. In body boards, most of the movements are done through the legs while the rest of the body is planted firmly on the board.

Riders lean their bodies towards the direction they want to move toward to. By carefully estimating their center of gravity, these riders make sharp or smooth turns by pushing on sides the board.

A FlowBoard, also called a Stand-Up, is another type of board that you stand on to ride the waves generated by the FlowRider system — very akin to surfing. Similar to other board sports, balancing depends on executing proper position and footwork. Knee must be bent while the dominant or front foot is positioned at the upper end of the board. Unlike surfing, however, a flow boarder’s weight focuses all in the back foot rather than on the front to maintain balance.

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Varying levels of flexibility and difficulty among tricks is one of the things that make FlowBoarding all the more fun. Each trick can have endless number of variations done through increasing the intensity of rotations, flips, and more. However, since FlowBoarding is somewhat a high-caliber sport, there are height requirements that you need to meet that mostly affect children. Bodyboarding requires a minimum height of 107 cm or around 3 feet while flowboarding requires at least 132 cm or around 4 feet.

FlowBoarding has an easier learning curve compared to other board sports because riders can practice it as much as they like, and is relatively safe compared to the others. The FlowRider produces steady waves that can be adjusted to suit the skill level of the rider, making the whole sport a simple matter of mastery over time. Once a person has enough experience maneuvering, it’ll be easy to learn tricks in no time.


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Each session lasts 30 minutes and can contain up to 8 riders. Payment required for reservations.

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  • Our ride surface is super soft and feels like a tight trampoline, so learning is fun instead of painful.
  • Whatever your experience level is, our professional instructors will be happy to show you the ropes, or hone your skills.
    In fact, a good chunk of our instructors compete professionally, so you’re in good hands!

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